Originally posted to Twitter by @primal_heart 4 February 2018

I don't know how many of ya'll follow me for pagan/polytheistic reasons, but for those that are & those that might be interested im paganism/witchcraft/Goddess Spirituality please know that I do not reccommend any of the teachings of Yeshe Matthews/Yeshe Rabbit

I trained under her for 8 years and I witnessed a pattern of behavior that is not healthy. Her leadership style can be harmful, includes yelling, and she has several acquisitions of emotional abuse that I am aware of. Her previous coven (CAYA coven) recently issued a statement

On her leaving. For my part there are better, healthier, alternatives to the classes and trainings she offers. If you are in the SF Bay and would like recs I am happy to try & point you to people I know.